Top 5 Best Firewall to Secure Your Company

Top 5 Best Firewall to Secure Your Company

A firewall is the most important component for protecting the IT infrastructure elements of a company and organization. We will provide a review of the 5 best firewall products in the world that could be your choice based on implementation experience that has been carried out while serving customers in the IT industry.

1) Paloalto

Paloalto can be said to be one of the best firewall brands in the world today, has been a Gartner leader in the last few years and has a very friendly interface with a dominant color of yellow. Paloalto is very powerful, especially its IPS, Anti-Virus and Zero-day attack protection features. The reporting display is also very helpful for administrators to analyze problems that occur in the field, such as why and what is the root cause of a session ending, etc. One of the drawbacks is that it is expensive and is usually only used by large enterprises. Another advantage is that Paloalto has products that can be integrated with the cloud such as AWS, making it easier for you if you have an application hosted in the cloud but still want powerful protection.

2) Cisco

For many years Cisco was known for having the very popular ASA firewall before the NGFW era. When entering the NGFW era, Cisco acquired SourceFire, whose firewall base engine came from Snort and FirePower. Currently, Cisco has the newest NGFW product, namely FirePower Threat Defense, which is a rebranding of the previous firewall. Cisco NGFW has features such as IPS, URL Filtering and also very powerful Anti-Malware and there are various product choices from small to large so that it can be used by anyone. One of the drawbacks is that the GUI display is less friendly than other NGFW brands.

3) Fortinet

Fortinet is famous for its medium enterprise class firewalls, its most famous product is Fortigate which has a small to large series. The Fortinet firewall architecture is designed to receive large throughput so one of the advantages of Fortinet is that it has a greater firewall throughput than other NGFW products. The NGFW features include IPS, URL Filtering, Anti-Virus, and ATP. Fortigate can also function as a router and firewall simultaneously and is very suitable for small-medium enterprise use because of its very friendly price and user friendly. If used in large numbers, there is very powerful centralized management and reporting. Fortinet can also be integrated with clouds such as AWS so it can protect applications in the cloud.

4) Checkpoint

Checkpoint is a security solution product from Israel based in Tel-Aviv, and has been a Gartner security leader for more than 5 years. Checkpoint can be said to be one of Paloalto's main competitors in the enterprise grid, its IPS and AV features are very powerful. Checkpoint has a very large data source of more than 10 thousand application libraries and URLs throughout the world so it is very powerful when blocking applications and URLs. However, one of the disadvantages of checkpoints is that the management is not friendly.

5) Sophos

Sophos is not a leader at Gartner, but it could be your alternative choice for buying Sophos security products, because the price can be said to be cheap and multifunctional, almost the same as Fortinet. Sophos is very suitable for small-medium enterprises because it has a variety of alternative product choices. Sophos can also operate in the cloud like AWS so if you want application protection then Sophos could be your choice.

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